Sunday, May 31, 2009


This week has been another hectic one for me and Miss X, and the last few days I've been sick with flu like symptoms.

Tonight, Miss X had been looking forward to her date her at home with a guy she's seen once before. A heavily hung 28 year old. After working all day and hurting badly most of the day, I couldn't muster up much enthusiasm.

This was discouraging to Miss X but what to do, her lover was on the way!! So we sent her real man a text explaing tht wussy me was ill. He texted back and thenc alled and Miss X out of ploite obligation explained to hi taht she was taking me out to dinner and to relax.

But you just can't deprive my glorious Mistress of cock for too long, so instead, she sent me out to bring back Chinese and shooed me away for a good hour and half. She sent me a text telling me she was coated in cum , that she was giddy and came two times.

I came home and was anxious to hear the details, but alas my Goddess had a bit too much wine so no real details were forth coming, but the evidence of her fun was right there for to me...sending me back into my roiling of stew of permanent denial and realization of my inadequacies.

I have not cum in 19 days.


  1. Hope you feel better little slave =)

    Try not to count the just makes it worse haha.

  2. Miss X does seem to be getting quite busy, good for her! Perhaps you two should take it to the next level, perhpas Miss X should have little p help her prepare her lover, bring him to attention for her. That might take your mind off the chastity and counting the days and all that......i can only imagine it has got to be pretty wearing on Miss X to hear constant updates of your denied status.

  3. Anonymous..this is part of her plan, she's told me I am destined to be primarily a cocksucker, so fluffing for her is a given, if she finds the right kind of commanding bull.

    Misstress L, I am learning to enjoy the endless frustration (in some ways)

  4. Mistress L's advice should be noted for you- stop counting the days and focus on her desires. I suspect your inherent ways of reaching satisfaction will be replaced by the methods Mistress L trains you with- strap ons, prepping her boy toys for her, after fun clean up on her,etc... Just think, there can come a time when you will orgasm by these other ways, then you will truly be cuckold and transformed.

    Can't wait to hear the latest update from you two.

    seattle fan