Sunday, June 14, 2009


Its been a busy time for us both, hence the long time since our last update. Miss X is traveling on business again as am I. Fortunately, we'll be back together again next week.

I miss Miss X and her dazzling personality, devilish daring mind and saucy imagination.


  1. OMG i just found your blog and love it!It's truly one of the best sub-male cuckolded blogs out there and i look forward to more posts about you and your wonderfully erotic wife.

    Also, my wife and i live a very similar lifestyle to yours and i am going to send you an invite if you want to be able to read it. Would love to get feedback from a fellow with whom i share so much in common. Best wishes to you,


  2. That was a piss poor short blog

  3. Helpmate, thanks for the kind words. Miss X loves to read the feedback as do i. Hope your fun and lifestyle is as rewarding as ours.

    Anonymous, too true, it was pretty short and poor, but better than no post at all...