Friday, May 1, 2009

The Goddess returns Sunday, and its gonna get wild!

The gorgeous and glorious Miss X will be returning from a prolonged bunisness trip on Sunday, and she's ordered me to get some sexy items for her as its my job to assist her to be prepared in case she decides to fuck a man with a real cock,
a pleasure stick, not a small laughable nub as she reminds me often.

Tonight she taunted me with memories of one of her favorite lovers of yore, a straping hard bodied man with a big dick and the skill to make her curvy craving body weak with pleasure and rosy with unrelenting desire.

This coming (cumming?) week will be filled with pleasure for her and the typical unyeilding humailtion for me as she reminds that I am here to humor her as her sexless lump of servitude, pin cushion and servile man-cunt.

As I sufffer through teainsg, its as if she's opened a trap door in the a mental dungeon and pushes me tumbling helpless to my fate of crining immodesty. I want to be a man, a real man, but clearly I can never really be. I am not equipped to satisfy a hot, cock-loving lovely creature like herself. So the best I can do is amuse her, provide for her and suffer for her..frolicing in my desperation to be noticed.

Its my job to continually prove me devotion by degrading myself...its my way of serving at her altar.


  1. Aww, you are a good slave to serve your Mistress in such a way. I am sure no matter how she shows it, she is proud of you and happy to have you under her heel.

    Are you a live-in?

  2. Thanks!! Yes, I am in a live in, though she travels on buinsess a lot. We are engaged too.

    There have been some challegnes in belding the vanilla side and the kink side, but we've found a way to make it work well.

  3. You sound like a pussy of a slave! Keep that ass in the air your nose to the floor ;)

  4. That does sound a little tough. I have dated or at least exclusively only played with my slaves in the past.

    I have a boyfriend and a slave currently and it's hard keeping a balance. I basically keep the kink to my slave and the vanilla to my bf.

    It's tough for me...seems like I should consolidate haha.

  5. Whatever work for each person. I am blessed in that my Mistress can hav eme as a slave and boyfriend and then have fuck buddies with no emotional attachement.