Saturday, May 2, 2009

SCRUB BUT NO RUB, preparing for the Goddess..

Today is the day before the Goddess return so I am busy preparing for Her. Scrubbing the house and the tub (she loves to take long sensuous baths) scurrying to get candles and flowers and wines and chocolates.

I also dutifully make sure she has condoms and cute things to wear in case she decides to indulge in a lover while she's back in town.

But of course, its strictly "scrub but no rub" . No masturbation for me, so my excitement builds and my servile nature deepens.

I was ordered to place a CL ad for possible masturbaters for the Goddess to watch and she narrowed it down to about ten candidates, all, of course, with substantially larger cocks than mine.

I'm off to work (my day) job, but will post daily as the week unfolds.

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