Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Its been a delightful week and no new poest from me as Miss X and I have been busy with work, visitors and surfing the vanilla wave. But I never finished the last post which ended with Miss X allowing me an Earth shattering knee weakening orgasm unike any I hve ever had!

Of course now its back to denial for me.

Over the weekend, we visited the Seattle Aboretum which is splendid this time of year, the colorful Azeals and Rhodies all in spectacular array , this year in particular! We also went to the symphony and saw a Gershwin collection highlighted by Marvin Hamlisch's humor and musical brillance and a wonderful crsip verson of The Rhapsody in Blue.

This week will be heating up in the sub department and I am already in trouble for not updating This Blog.

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