Monday, May 4, 2009


Miss X arrived last night and we enjoyed a delightful lunch, and my thoughts drifted off to her meeting with a new fellow who was simply going to jack off for her...she loves to watch big cocks and since she's stuck with mine, who can blame her?

When we arrived home, Miss X began teasing me...playing with me here and there. Giving me a "faux job", her mouth hovering over my cock, with an occassional lick to remind me of the greatness other men get. Driving me insane with the one finger trick. Amazing how one finger and a little baby oil can make a man crazy! Her reasing is delicious cruel...occassionaly feding me my pre-cum and laughing at my patheticness.

Soon she was primping and preening, making herself beautiful for the arrival of her new friend. She ordered me to get her a glass of wine and I took a sip from her glass without asking. I was ordered to stand before her and she dielvered a sold blow to my balls which sent me stumbling bakcwards onto the bed, much to her dleight as proven byher hearty giggles. I won't make that mistake again!

Her date arrived and I sat duitfully in the bed room, listening to theie light conversation, in my pool of humiality as I herad her gush over his huge cock. She twittered about how much bigger he was than me, at least twice as large. There conversation ended and I herd the unmistakable sounds of her givng a luciosu blow job. This would not just be a jerk off session, and that was validated shortly thereafter by her ecstatic monas as his big pole entred her, I could hear the greatfullness in her voice from being filled fully with real cock.

Me? Sitting helpleesly with my tiny useless nub, greatful my Mistress was getting the pleasure she so deserves.

The deep groanns contnued untl her pulled out, whipped off his condom and came copiously across her ample bosom. Soon, she was drifitng into a satisfied sleep, while I was left cleaning up the condom wrappers, beer and wine glasses, etc..I wanted to taste her well used pussy, but that would be for another day...

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