Monday, May 11, 2009

A weekend of varied kink and fun!

This was a very busy weekend indeed and too much to encapsulate with the time I have to blog today, so I will hit the highlights!

Miss X and I had a delightful time strolling about beautiful Seattle on Sunday, noshing , taking in the warm sun and the plethora of fashionable boutiques. We are fortunate enough to lviv downtown, which affords us quick access to lots of wonderful venues.

Friday night we went to a private "mingles" party where like minded sex focused others gathered and it was a bit slow and pokey but the people were very nice; we shall return next week. On Saturday, we had a long frank talk and wrote down our thoughts and game plan for each other. "Communication is so critical." The phrase is trite, the practice is not and it is an acquired art form requiring dicsipline and mutual respect. We laid down some rules and guideposts for each other, recognizing that our relationship has to remain supple and flexibile and at the same time, stout.

She also devleoped a list of things for me accomplish this week, including finding her more suitable fuck buddies. Shamefully, a task I much enjoy.

Miss X decided to shave my chest hair and pubic region, a humiliating experience, and she enjoys the removal of the last vestiages of masculinitny that are remianing. I am now to be nude or in panties when home with her, my bald little cock bouncing about to her giggles and gaffaws.

She also wrote in huge letters across my stomach "CUCKOLD PUSSY" and a "Tiny Dick" with an arrow sign poiting down and ordered me to wear this all week to keep me immersered in the reality of my plight.

Many times through the weekend, she brought me to the brink of orgasm, watching me writhe and wriggle in unededing torture. She also extended my cahstity until next Friday because I coudl not find a magazine she wanted.

Lastly, she also anounced that she would be doing no housework, that was all up to me now.

Tomorrow, Miss X has a very special event planned for me! Check back to read the details...


  1. always are able to show your devotion in such subtle ways.

    Keep up the great work, I'm sure Ms. X enjoys it.

  2. Thanks for you continued encouragement Mistress L