Thursday, May 7, 2009


Another great day, worked hard and got off a bit early and picked up the delicious Miss X in a rainy Seattle city scene then scuttled her off to a fashionable cafe and wine bar where we snacked on interesting and varied flat bread selections.

Light conversation lingered as we watched the rain fade to drizzle and the collection of eclectic Seattle eccentrics mosey to and fro. We left and zig zagged through the city's hilly posh neighborhoods for fun and during this sojourn, she reiterated with the clarity of a ringing bell that I would never have intercourse again. There was a time when she shied away from this notion, but now she's bought in and truly seems to relish the absolute and unequivocal denial. But to add to my shame, she insisted that my only sexual release will be to make myself available to men both orally and rectally for her amusement. Shamefully, this direct type of debasement sends tingles of excitement and devotion through me, and yet scares me.

Eventually, we ended back home. Miss X had me on the bed, nude and at her mercy. She began to play with me, taunting me with a seductive glare, amused at my pleading eyes and writhing form.

And then she did that thing that sends me into a frenzy, a single finger sliding up and down the underside of my cock, lubed with baby oil and driving me insane! She'd stoke me close then leave to play on the computer, and search for real men...After twenty minutes of my agony, she told me I could cum if I could take 15 hard spanks. Now Miss X Is by far the strongest woman I've known, and delivered a solid 15 spanks, the final hard blow using a thick book.

She wouldn't jack me off, but allowed me to cum which to her surprise, I refused. YEAH! I refused, which was very difficult, but I wanted to show Her that I was serious in my devotion. This act of sincerity brought no particular mercy from the Goddess, though. She told me I'd have to wait another week! Another week. (sigh) Another week.

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