Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Its been a slow sultry sticky week in Seattle.For those unfamiliar, we are famous for our glorious summers. August temperatures are atop 80 degrees and few of us have air conditioners.

At this writing, it is a miserable 95! Miss X and I have been concentrating on sluggishly moving and keeping cool more than D/s, hence the dearth of posts.

But this weekend should be interesting as we head out of town for some relaxation and the possible escapade, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So many sub males. Really? I mean Really?

There's a grand deception in the D/s world. Well if not a deception a major misconception. Conventional wisdom says there are 1000's of sub males for every Domme. I say no, in fact, I think the rato of REAL Dommes to REAL subs is reversed. I think there are not enough sub males.

Hear me out...

Check out kink friendly social connection sites, like Collarme. You'll find many posts that show a growing frustration from superior Ladies who are in contact with so called "subs" or "slaves". and then a month or two later they are posting ratns about the "flakes and phonies on this site..." This is the norm, not antecdotal.

My theory is this: There are 1000's of fantasy life male subs and VERY few who are able or willing to put it into a lifestyle. It requires, cocnetration, faith, fortitude, bravery, chastity and abondonment of all that is comfortable. It all reuqires near infinate trust.

Likewise, there are many Dommes who crumble when put to the test. To top it all off, putting kink into the vanilla realm as is required for a true realtionship takes balance and epic devotion from both parties.

I'd be interested in your thoughts. How many men are really willing to become bitch silly cock suckers for a bad ass dame? And how many dommes are willing to train and disicpline and torture a pet? Its a lot of work, and whose to say he won't disappear after all your hard work?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miss X’s out-of-town new lover!!

It began on Thursday. Miss X began to ramp up her nearly unbearable teasing. She released me from my Cb-3000s and supervised me as I cleaned my self. She then had me lay on the bed and took a tiny bit of baby oil and began to make little circles on my penis with the tip of her index finger. I groan and moaned as its been a solid two weeks since my last orgasm, and even that was "ruined".

She breathed on my neck and made me verbalize devotion to her and that I was there for her humor, entertainment and would do anything for her. I recited the various mantras she issued. That she was in charge and that my tiny cock was never to enjoy her tight little pussy. That I was honored to suffer for her and remain chaste. After twenty minutes, I was delirious and nearly panting for release. She simply smiled and held back a giggle ad I air thrusted, craving release so badly.

She allowed me to join her on the couch and we watched re-runs of Law and Order and she had me next to her, nude, as she occasionally toyed with me. Cruelly, she ordered me back into the CB-3000s, but not with my unabated begging, which only ended when she delivered two hard face slaps and sent me to bed whimpering, dribbling and frustrated, a malleable mush, anxious to please and feeling a faggoty glow that I only get when so deeply induced into a catatonic sub-state.

Friday, Miss X announced that I was take her shopping. After work, we met in Seattle's upscale U-Village where we went to a very upscale lingerie shop called Zovo. She had me help her pick out two sexy ensembles and as I paid, the sales lady said "This is really more for you than her anyway" With a big knowing smile. I returned the smile and Miss X interrupted with a giggle. "He's never allowed sex with me anyway". The sprite late-20's sales lady gave a nervous little "Oh!" and I felt my face turning bright red.

Later we shopped at Nordstrom and Miss X picked a slinky black dress and some pricey Jimmy Choo shoes. When we got home I of course got undressed as is my requirement, and she modeled the be bra, panties and shoes for me. My tiny pecker strained against the locked up confinement and Miss X played with the key dangling between her full round breasts. "Of course you know pet, I bought these for real man, and I want you thank me now for the privilege of paying for all this". I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet, elevated by the heels and begged for release. Al this did was secure a firm spanking for myself and that night I went to bed with a very sore ass.

Saturday she announced mid-day that a handsome guy she had met when she was working in California was coming to town and she would be meeting him privately . I stayed at home and talk to other sub cucks on my cheap-ass Nite Flirt account (the paltry proceeds of which go directly to Miss X). My entire body ached for release, my body pounding with lust. Occasionally, Miss X would email me blurry photos from her rendezvous. I could tell they were in a nice restaurant, then back at a hotel.

When Miss X came home about 1:30am, she was exhausted and told me I would have to wait for this morning (Sunday) for details. Miss X told me to make her coffee and to report back to the bed room. She told me how handsome her need fuck buddy was and how magnificent his large cock felt. But rather than take her word for it, she said she did something special. She recorded 40 minutes of their loud fucking on her IPhone. I was forced to listen her moans and deep guttural cries of pleasure. At one point I heard her begging him to stick it back inside of her, and I could hear him push and grunt louder when he told him he was so much better than me.

Finally, with a look of sheer zeal on her face, Miss X told me I could cum if I met her conditions. (As if I had a real choice) I was to be impaled on a knobby dildo and she would attach two clothes pins to my nipples that she would twist as I came. OF course, I gratefully agreed and came as hard as I ever had. My nipples throbbing in pain, and I was fully satiated for the first time in many weeks.

The rest of the day we spend at the Ballard Farmer's Market, sipping wine, buying veggies and sampling various treats and listening to the struggling buskers.

It was a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

NEW POLL! and my frustration grows....

Well, nearly 50% of you voted that I should only cum on major holidays and my birthday, if I please Miss X. As it is, the only orgasms I am getting are ruined.

Our new poll is up and we're curious what you think is most humiliating. PLEASE VOTE!

Miss X is planning another outing with her new kinky friend Kiah. In the meantime, its been three weeks since I last came and my frustration is growing. Miss X loves to tease me. Just sleeping next to her warm, forbidden body makes it hard to sleep.

Recently Miss X wanted a cup of coffee and she had me drive through a local espresso stand called "Cowgirls Espresso" , where the sexy baristas prance in panties and pasties. Miss X's little way of keeping me stmualted. If the sexy 20 something only knew i was also wearing panties.

We are also palnning a weekend getaway to Portland, which pormises to be a fuck and humialtion fest.....should make for some blogging.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our poll is winding down and the vast majority of your devilishly sadistic readers only want tiny tom to cum on his birthday and major holidays! Vicious.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MIss X hits town w/ girlfriend...finds new lucky lover...

Miss X has a wicked new girlfriend, Kiah*, an edgy, tall gal pal she's known for some years, but recently they've been going out for a drink here and there and revelations have been coming. Turns out Kiah is wild and a bit of boy chaser.

One of the things I love about Miss X is that she is comfortable in any environment. Posh five star hotels or the workin' man's bar at the end of the pier. Kiah prefer local stomps and she invited Miss X to the "Hennigan's Road"*, an established local pool table and two handle keg house.

Throughout they night they laughed, and joked, sharing past ribald experiences and little by little Miss X is realizing that Kiah would make an excellent "partner in crime", for they both have similar likes. Big dick'ed men and a little hurt when it comes to certain men. They are both not shy to the thought of delivering a bitch slap to a well deserved male.

As the weekend evening out turned more flirty, Miss X began sending me photos via her IPhone. Two girls laughing, while I saayed home and dutifully did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and moaned and my ability to touch my puny cock that is locked tightly in my CB-6000s.

As the evening grew later, the photos became a bit more quizzical. A blurred photo of them leaving the bar, what looked to be a third party? Hard to tell in the fuzzy Fellini-esque photos of dark shadows, green felt and neon. As Miss X told me she might crash at Kiah's house, I wasn't too concerned that I didn't hear from her.

The next day, Miss X told me what a great time she had with Kiah, and that she expected the wild play to escalate, she had a new kinky playmate. ( Miss X is straight and not bi, but game to go on the make and hunt in a pack) I Was busy at work and Miss X missed each other due to our busy schedules. But when I cam home the next night, there was a card waiting for me. The first line of the card told me to make sure to be wearing panties while I read the note.

I went and grabbed my black silkies, Miss X likes to keep me in a state of semi-feminized disgrace to remind me of my position when I am reading about her superior lovers. I knew this note would be meaningful. It was an over-sized card and the first panel was quite a lovely melange of remembrances. This is an anniversary for us, four years of togetherness, and she discussed some of the loveliness of making a relationship work. The second and third panel described what happened that night at Hennigan's Road.

Miss X met Kiah and her boy Toy Phil. Turns out Phil has a brother, David, and the four of them spent the night flirting and drinking until Miss X decided to go home with David . Miss X graphically described how great it felt to deep throat his large veined cock...my little member twitched helpless in its prison. She told me how she rode his thick rod to multiple orgasms until she crashed into a satisfied ball on the bed. She reminded me how she deserved this pleasaure and that it was my duty to encourage her.

I sat twisting in my pathetic pool of precum, oozing through my tight black panties, knowing that the next time we meet, I may be the bitch getting fucked by her big black rod.

Since the card, Miss X told me she fully expects to take Kiah to a swingers club where she gang bangs herself to sexual satisfaction. As I write this post, my body is craving release and my submissive nature is at full throttle...

*names of persons or local bars are changed for privacy purposes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last night was supposed to be pretty domestic and pedestrian, with the two of uswatching Miss X's favorite TV shows.

Alas, she had other ideas.

My little four incher securely locked away, she announced that she didn't want to be distracted by me whiel she enjoyed her programing. She escorted me to the bedroom, had me lay on the bed and made sure I was comfortable, and tied my hands. She then put headphones on me and took out the portable DVD player and let me know that while she enjoyed her programs, I would get to watch real cocks fuck tight little pussies, and I was to consider the whole time that I was never to have sex with her or anyone else.

She told me to pay particular attention to the climax scenes and how the girls swallowed and savored every drop, because as a locked up dickless wonder, that was my future too. For an hour and a half, my little cock pushed against that barbaric cage of frustration. My hard cock throbbing agasint the cage, the sounds of sex, moaning and growing, orgasmic squeals from women I could never have. A sound my puny cock could never illicit. All that pleasure is reserved for the virile big cock'ed men, relegating me to the only mission I have, and that is pleasing Miss X.

The DVD ended before her TV shows and I fell into a shallow sleep, my cock weeping droplets of pre-cum frustration, driving me into a dreamlike madness of libedo and desire. Cruelly, she came into the room nearly nude, chucckled softly, stoked my body lightly and kissed me good night, and whispered in my ear "this is your life, you pathetic cocksucking concubine, revel in it..."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

EXTREME TEASE....Oral dissatisfaction, etc...

Yes, these really are Miss X's lips and her warm soft mouth. Fellow porcine-subs in the audience, imagine wearing a chastity cage for several days, and falling asleep next to Miss X's amazingly curvaceous and warm body. Spending a restless night , and then waking up, craving, and needing her.

Hopelessly wishing that she'd accept you deep inside her sweet tight pussy, spooning her, so close, feeling her warmth, knowing you can NEVER have that joy.

She allowed me to feel her body, her large firms breasts, the curve at the small of her back, her womanly hips and the soft nape of her neck and she told me that I would be allowed to continue, only because it frsrtrated me more, that I would pay a price for the privlege.

Then unexpectedly she filpped over and slipped down and began to tickle my cock with her long hair...my little dick stretching as far as it could, falling just short of her parted lips. I could feel her warm breath and she taunted me that if I was a bit longer, I'd be enjoying the spasms of pleasures she only offers to well hung real men. Her perfectly round soft breasts grazed my throbbing dinky dick, and then with the cruelty of a true teasing sadist, she flicked her tongue but a few times across the tender underside of my cock and asked me how it would feel if she took the whole of me inside her mouth, knowing full well that was not on the morning's agenda.. I buckled and begged for release, but instead of splendid splooge, she held me down by the wrists.

This, my dear readers, was on Friday, the torment continued all day as I was teased, then put back in chastity. Each time, the teasing became more intense and she pushed me to reveal to her verbally what a little dick clown I was, and why I was inferior. I had to repeat to her over and over that I was a cum pig and that I since I wasn't really a man now, the only way to please her was to lick up cum by the bucket, procure her big cocked lovers and even other slaves to provide her oral service as I watch.

As the weekend rolled on, Miss X would imply that I might get an orgasm, then get me to be beg for punishment. She whsipered in my ear that she's craving a "good beat down", an ass smacking to remember.

With her taunting and tormenting me, teasing me without relief, I was agreeing to any proposition and this is always a dangerous course with Miss X. She loves solid punishment, and gets a lusty sense of satisfaction from delivering firm licks.
She then reminded me that July 4th was a "major holiday" and I might be given a chance to cum, but as the night lingered, she said she'd seen enough fireworks. I groaned in humiliated frustration and went about cleaning the kitchen, hoping to earn some favor.

This morning, she teased me to near orgasm. This time I didn't even get a "ruined orgasm', just as I almost began to cum, she grabbed my cock with the power of Zeus and squelched my orgasm as my body bucked and my spirit soared as my hope for relief died to her loud and resounding laughter.

Today she is out with a girlfriend and if I know her, she's trolling for big dick potential while I do bitch work at home.

Still working on finding a suitable cunt licking slave for her pleasure.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm so happy She's here! The Kink Cannon has been fired!

After working a half day, I invited Miss X to lunch, and off we escaped to one of our solid , favorite bistro's for a mid day rendezvous. Miss X was in all her curvy splendor, looking radiant and lovely. Btu before we left, I slapped hard in the face for speaking before being permitted.

At lunch we discussed the coming week's agenda, and she reviews the potential subs she's ordered me to procure to lick her hot little snatch while I am forced to watch.

After lunch, i offered to take her on a little shopping spree. Her beautiful eyes lit like halogen and the afternoon became a fun clothes shopping adventure at a few fashionable boutiques, a bottle of her favorite fun and fresh cologne called "LOVE" by Moschino and was finally completed with a trip to the chocolate shop.

She had to venture out and do some errands today, but I was instructed to care for her laundry, prepare a list of 5 reasons i am a cunt, blog some more (As this attests) and just before she left, she had me assume her favorite position for me, on all fours, head down, legs spread, ass in the hair,and my tiny locked up cock dangling in the air...available for nudging, and caressing them with her, feet, making my laughably short cock hard in its holster, my blood pumping, my desire building, my frustrating welling, my pathetic fall from manhood to bitchdom completed.

More to come soon.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc...

The minutes seem like hours as await my Gorgeous Goddess' return! I am now stuck in chastity, awaiting to present her the keys. I've been locked up almost two days now and the blood is beginning to roil, only to amplified 50 fold by her presence. I am carving her touch, her torment, and her gleeful smirk as I suffer for her amusement. I have never loved a woman like I do her

As part of my assignment while she was gone, I was ordered to find her a sub to provide oral servitude to her. I of course, will once again be denied and forced to watch. The trick, of course, is to wade through all the flakes and find the lucky sub who gets the treat I am refused.

I am excited by Her return, as there ar no major trips for Her planned. All that stands between us is our mutally busy schedules.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

LOCAL DOMME CELEBRITIES and other musings...

In Washington, we have two very prominent pro and lifestyle Domme with excellent blogs. These ladies are real, both have scintillating senses of humor and issue lots of pratical advice.

Mistress Matisse is a gorgeous, poweful woman with a wry smile, excellent taste and a prolific blogger. She's a must "Follow" blogger. Also, professionally publishedin a renown local 'zine.

Mistress Milliscent is also astoundingly beautful, and idolic icon of Seattle whippery :) and she too writes wonderful blog.

Both the aforementioned Goddesses have lots of wonderful, amusing , insightful and quality content.

Of course, my own Miss X is the love of my life and my Domme Extrodinaire. This state is blessed with quality powerful laldies!

Not in Washington, but a very sexy blog is MY SEXY HOTWIFE, great photos and rollicking commentary of a life serving a Hot Wife.

The weather is unseasonably warm in Seattle today, the first full day locked in chastity, and the skimpy clothes and lovely ladies strolling around Green Lake or indulging n a Baskin Robbins two scooper have no idea how they are frustrating me. Can't wait to see Miss who is due in late tonight or early tomrrow.

In my new CB-6000s, thoughts, fears and fun...

Yesterday I finally found a configuration that seems to work on the CB-6000s, the "s" standing for small cage, since my cock is so minuscule.

When I am completely soft I could pull out, but then there is no way to get back in, so for the most part, its pretty secure. Ultimately, I'll need a PA Piercing in order to be held 100 % in chastity.

This model is much more comfortable the the CB-2000 which i have tired to wear in the past and it just didn't work without damaging my cock.

Its amazing how having your cock locked up makes you feel almost instantly. Helpless, servile, silly, with an almost untenable urge to touch yourself. It is erotic and esoteric, frightening to give up the power. I am doing practice runs now until Miss X gets back.

I fantasize about a new world for me, in which I become a sexual clown for Miss X, an emotional punching bag for her sexual fun. Once I am locked up, I immediately feel less significant as a man. Not quite a woman, but a bitch nevertheless. This is scary, because I like my life as it is to a degree, but also know I need to be pushed to be the sub male I truly am.

Colorful scenarios swirl through my brain in whcih I am transformed into Miss X's foil for humiliation. More thoughts and updates to follow soon...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Poll: You cruel readers!! :)

We appreciate all the participation in our poll, as of this writing, 49 of you have voted.

Nearly HALF think I should only get to cum on my birthday and major holidays! I know Miss X is taking this under advisement. Obviously, half of you are pretty damn hardcore!

On a side note, don't you just love this photo? It's simple, but one of my favorites of Miss X. I snapped it as I was driving her to a date....

The Jack Off Artist Returns....

Sadly Miss X left today, happily, its her last big business trip for a while! I should be seeing a lot more of her soon.

Today I was in the middle of a business meeting when she informed me that she had ust had wonderful experience with her well hng jack off buddy. She enjoyed letting me know that the new bed we bought was broken in by a guy who has a real cock she actually enjoys.

While my sub-standard cock is fun to punish, frustrate, hurt and twist, it has no real sexual value, other than to excite so that I mindless follow her orders. Her J/O artist came hard across her ample bust, which she always enjoys. A lusty manly undertaking I never get. He also got the fun of using her brand new fancy didlo on her..the dildo I of course proudly purchased with my hrd earned money.

When I got home, the cum rag was laying like a trophy and the dildo on the bed....for me to ponder and groan over....and long list of demand for me to accoomplish before she comes home.

In the meantime, I am feeling blue because several months ago I broke Miss X's trust and its one of those things for which I am deeply remorseful . But it doesn't just fix itself. Its like a recurring illness that won't go away. It goes into remission, then comes roaring back.This site is mostly for entertinament, but its also honest. The ony thing that will fix the issue is time, luck and honest communciation between us and the truth is, even that may not work. The prospect of living without her is not fun, but it is a reality of which I am acutely aware and until tht's resovled, there will be no true happiness...