Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So the games begin again, as were delve into our lucious life of proud depravity.

Miss X decided that Halloween would be spent on Captiol Hill in Seattle. For thsoe outside teh area, Ciaptol Hill is a progressive energeti area of town, know for its gay population, but just a fun place for all and always read for a party!

The streets were packed with party goers in all kinds of sexy and creative costumes. Miss X wore a wonderful dominatrix unfirom.. Practical, not silly or cartooish, that included a crop and whip on a her belt. I was forced to wear a humilalting t-shirt that said "Cuckold in Training". I was also in a collar and jeans and pig nose.

My shirt got a lot of questions. There a lot of people who don't know what a cuckold is and it made for a lot of humiliating conversation. Miss X was all too happy to explain to anyone who asked that I had an unstaisfactory tiny cock and that I was relegated to being her sexless he-bitch. Women and gay men found this especially hialrious and the pity from flamers was particualrly humialiating for me. My shirt engendered laughter, pity, ridcule and a hot young twenties something gal who made the little finger wiggle at me after whispering with Miss X.

As the night went on we ended up at Via Tribulani, a nifty Italian resaturant. We had a few drinks at the tightly packed bar and made some quick friendships. A good looking young and fairly intoxicated man dressed as some sort of warrior with fake blood and a tattered shirt that showed his muscular torso, began chatting up Miss X.

When I came back from the men's rooms, Miss X was in one of the tall backed boothes with the guy I'll call Sparticus. They were in engrossed in close chit chat and I stood stupidly at the bar, catching glimpses of them in the mirror. My angle was poor but I knew they were kisssing and imagined some under table groping.

Affer half an hour of anticiaption, agony, and curiostiy, Miss X tapped me on the shoulder and asked for the car keys "While you wait here, I am going to give this hot young guy the blow job you can only dream of". I was told to pay Spatricus' bill. While Miss ZX was arapping her talented lips around his cock in my car, I was paying his bar tab.

I waited at the bar for almost an hour, and when Miss X returned she smiled and gave me a long open mouthed kiss, and she whispred "Do you like the taste of cum?" She then grabbed my little balls and squeezed hard as a reminder of who was boss. We had another quick drink and headed home. She dictated an email to me that was sent to her Halloween fling, in which she made me tell him how great his big cock felt in her mouth and how she needed more because her hubby was so dinky.

She then told me that I wasn't allowed to cum, but I could play iwth myself with her supervision for five minutes, and then with no mercy and a knowing chuckle, she locked me back in my CB-2000, knowing she was leaving the next day for New York.

As I write this, I am nearly panting waiting for her return tomrrow. My cock is hard and throbbing and I yearn to please her ....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We're back!

To all who loyally read out nearly daily posts, thank you! We took a break due to a very serious family illness/death.

We are back, bold as ever, getting back into the groove...

check back soon.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Last night Miss X visited her friends as planned. She's known these people for years. The wife's name is "Charlene" and she is a reluctant Domme, timid and occasional. He is a classic small cocked submissive, ready to be molded and put in his place permanently. Both are ravenous for Miss X's input and interested I n her injection of confidence for various reasons.

The objective for the evening was for the sub, we'll simply call him sissy, to serve the ladies dinner and learn some discipline and good old fashioned humiliation.

When Miss X arrived, Charlene was in the living room having a glass of wine and Miss X joined her on the couch. Sissy was making dinner and after half an hour "he" came out of the kitchen in a tee-shirt and pink panties. Miss X was appalled and directed him to remove everything and to crawl to the two ladies. She instructed sissy to always have his head at a lower level then the ladies. When he gave his "Yes Ma'am" too slowly, sissy had a nipple twisted until he cried like the bitch he was soon to become.

Sissy was sent scampering back to the kitchen to finish making dinner and once it served, sissy was made to stand silently while they ate. The conversation was mostly about sissy's ridiculous penis, and Miss X's suggestion that Charlene simply refuses him sex all together and trains Sissy to be the bitch he is. The face that sissy remained silent, Miss X contended, was testimony that even Sissy agreed and that he clearly wasn't a real man.

After dinner, Miss X decides she would show Charlene how to reward a sub for a job well done. She ordered sissy to warm some baby oil in the microwave and prepare a cake pan full of ice and water. Excited the sissy brought both preparations and he was ordered to drop his panties and expose his cock. Miss X applied some warm oil to her hands. Sissy was excited, but he doesn't' understand that Miss X loves to give pleasure to big pulsating cock's attached to men lie firefighters or powerful attorneys. A little dicke'ed loser only get teasing and torture.

Miss X applied her hands to his little cock and it grew as big as it could. As soon as sissy let out a little moan, he was instructed to dunk his cock in the ice cold water until he shriveled up and begged to pull it out….Miss X and Charlene chuckled at his begging and finally relented. He removed his dick, now as small as a white raisin. Then Miss X asked Charlene to join her and they both rubbed the warm oil across his cock until it was hard and glistening…and just as we enjoying the total recovery from the icy chill, time for more ice water. The hot/cold alternation technique lasted five rounds until sissy was whimpering for relief. Miss X asked if he would like the ice removed and sissy panted "yes!". Miss X told him to remove the pan of icy water and dump it down the sink.

Miss X then reached into her purse and secretly put a dab of Ben Gay on her fingers and mixed it with the baby oil and began stroking the stupid little bitch and slowly his expression began to change as the sticky overpowering heat of the ben gay changed from warmth to burning.

"Would you like some relief from the heat, bitch?" Miss X cooed.


"But all your ice water is gone. You were so anxious to get rid of it, and now it's all gone"

The sissy shifted his weight and begged for relief but Miss X knew she had him right she wanted him. " So if Were to allow you to dip your burning cock into some ice water now…what would you do?"

"ANYTHING" he blurted out stupidly.

This was too delicious and Charlene looked on in amazement. Now the negotiations would begin.

"Call yourself a stupid cunt"

"I'm a stupid cunt Miss X"

"Can Charlene have any man she wants "


"And will you stop trying to put that little putrid cock inside of her?"

Sissy stalled, and stalled a little more. Miss X began to paddle Sissy and told him if he didn't answer, she'd put more Ben Gay of his little wiener.

"YES MISS X", he cried like the bitch he was becoming, "I won't try to fuck Charlene".

The rest of the story will publish in the next day….

Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting our groove back!

Its been a slow 'round c'here, as they say in West Texas. Miss X and I took a nice trip but it was not too kinky as we had limited time and sights to see, and both our professional lives have been a bit busy!

But tonight Miss X is going to see a friend of her's to dominate her husband. This is interesting and kind of hard to believe, but pinkie swear its the truth. These were vanilla friends Miss X knew before we met and she discovered over time hat the husband is a major league sub who occasionally wears a chastity device. Unfortunately for him, his wife is a bit timid and often afraid to play. Unlike Miss X, who you, dear readers, know is quite favorable to the idea of subjegating any male she meets.

The plan for tonight is to have this little cocked loser serve Miss X and her friend a lovely dinner while he prances in frillies. I don't know details beyond that but suffice it to say I am a bit jealous and anxious to hear the details.

I doubt he realizes how humiliaiting Miss X can be, but she has warned his wife that she won't be held back, she must be organic, its all she knows. You can't let a lion loose on a piece of meat and insist it use a napkin.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Its been a slow sultry sticky week in Seattle.For those unfamiliar, we are famous for our glorious summers. August temperatures are atop 80 degrees and few of us have air conditioners.

At this writing, it is a miserable 95! Miss X and I have been concentrating on sluggishly moving and keeping cool more than D/s, hence the dearth of posts.

But this weekend should be interesting as we head out of town for some relaxation and the possible escapade, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So many sub males. Really? I mean Really?

There's a grand deception in the D/s world. Well if not a deception a major misconception. Conventional wisdom says there are 1000's of sub males for every Domme. I say no, in fact, I think the rato of REAL Dommes to REAL subs is reversed. I think there are not enough sub males.

Hear me out...

Check out kink friendly social connection sites, like Collarme. You'll find many posts that show a growing frustration from superior Ladies who are in contact with so called "subs" or "slaves". and then a month or two later they are posting ratns about the "flakes and phonies on this site..." This is the norm, not antecdotal.

My theory is this: There are 1000's of fantasy life male subs and VERY few who are able or willing to put it into a lifestyle. It requires, cocnetration, faith, fortitude, bravery, chastity and abondonment of all that is comfortable. It all reuqires near infinate trust.

Likewise, there are many Dommes who crumble when put to the test. To top it all off, putting kink into the vanilla realm as is required for a true realtionship takes balance and epic devotion from both parties.

I'd be interested in your thoughts. How many men are really willing to become bitch silly cock suckers for a bad ass dame? And how many dommes are willing to train and disicpline and torture a pet? Its a lot of work, and whose to say he won't disappear after all your hard work?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miss X’s out-of-town new lover!!

It began on Thursday. Miss X began to ramp up her nearly unbearable teasing. She released me from my Cb-3000s and supervised me as I cleaned my self. She then had me lay on the bed and took a tiny bit of baby oil and began to make little circles on my penis with the tip of her index finger. I groan and moaned as its been a solid two weeks since my last orgasm, and even that was "ruined".

She breathed on my neck and made me verbalize devotion to her and that I was there for her humor, entertainment and would do anything for her. I recited the various mantras she issued. That she was in charge and that my tiny cock was never to enjoy her tight little pussy. That I was honored to suffer for her and remain chaste. After twenty minutes, I was delirious and nearly panting for release. She simply smiled and held back a giggle ad I air thrusted, craving release so badly.

She allowed me to join her on the couch and we watched re-runs of Law and Order and she had me next to her, nude, as she occasionally toyed with me. Cruelly, she ordered me back into the CB-3000s, but not with my unabated begging, which only ended when she delivered two hard face slaps and sent me to bed whimpering, dribbling and frustrated, a malleable mush, anxious to please and feeling a faggoty glow that I only get when so deeply induced into a catatonic sub-state.

Friday, Miss X announced that I was take her shopping. After work, we met in Seattle's upscale U-Village where we went to a very upscale lingerie shop called Zovo. She had me help her pick out two sexy ensembles and as I paid, the sales lady said "This is really more for you than her anyway" With a big knowing smile. I returned the smile and Miss X interrupted with a giggle. "He's never allowed sex with me anyway". The sprite late-20's sales lady gave a nervous little "Oh!" and I felt my face turning bright red.

Later we shopped at Nordstrom and Miss X picked a slinky black dress and some pricey Jimmy Choo shoes. When we got home I of course got undressed as is my requirement, and she modeled the be bra, panties and shoes for me. My tiny pecker strained against the locked up confinement and Miss X played with the key dangling between her full round breasts. "Of course you know pet, I bought these for real man, and I want you thank me now for the privilege of paying for all this". I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet, elevated by the heels and begged for release. Al this did was secure a firm spanking for myself and that night I went to bed with a very sore ass.

Saturday she announced mid-day that a handsome guy she had met when she was working in California was coming to town and she would be meeting him privately . I stayed at home and talk to other sub cucks on my cheap-ass Nite Flirt account (the paltry proceeds of which go directly to Miss X). My entire body ached for release, my body pounding with lust. Occasionally, Miss X would email me blurry photos from her rendezvous. I could tell they were in a nice restaurant, then back at a hotel.

When Miss X came home about 1:30am, she was exhausted and told me I would have to wait for this morning (Sunday) for details. Miss X told me to make her coffee and to report back to the bed room. She told me how handsome her need fuck buddy was and how magnificent his large cock felt. But rather than take her word for it, she said she did something special. She recorded 40 minutes of their loud fucking on her IPhone. I was forced to listen her moans and deep guttural cries of pleasure. At one point I heard her begging him to stick it back inside of her, and I could hear him push and grunt louder when he told him he was so much better than me.

Finally, with a look of sheer zeal on her face, Miss X told me I could cum if I met her conditions. (As if I had a real choice) I was to be impaled on a knobby dildo and she would attach two clothes pins to my nipples that she would twist as I came. OF course, I gratefully agreed and came as hard as I ever had. My nipples throbbing in pain, and I was fully satiated for the first time in many weeks.

The rest of the day we spend at the Ballard Farmer's Market, sipping wine, buying veggies and sampling various treats and listening to the struggling buskers.

It was a great weekend!!