Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Email from Miss X to share

Here's a peek into the wonderful (and sometimes scary) world in which I live....I received permission from the glorious Miss X to publish this email she sent me yesterday before she arrived back in town:

"You will be treating me like the true Goddess that I am this coming week. you know what that means. you are nothing to me-a useless man until I see that you can prove your worth to me (do I see a good cocksucking in the future?); I want for you to tell me how much you care and value me, how I have treated you lovingly and with respect because I do understand you, I do know you and now you have the glorious opportunity to show it to me. Show me your love and devotion because actions speak louder than words, and I want you to shout it from the rooftop. I want to tie you up; I can be gentle-how you've sorely underestimated me. I will start out slow, but I will also make you howl in pain, and your buttocks glisten with a sweet plump redness. you will want more. you will need more. I will burn into your mind like a hot ember-never dying, only growing. you know this. you can't deny it. you cant hide. Even in your mind you know that I am your superior, and so real, I put you to shame. you will know this as I feed you your own pitiful dribbling salty cum. you will know this as I rub ice cubes along your ass crack, you will know this as I attatch clothespins to your nut sack. you will know how much I adore my litte sub when you open your mouth, (perhaps with a shade of "rio red" on?) and be my bitch. you will enjoy this as much as I enjoy telling you to do so. do you fully understand? do you? Miss X"

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