Saturday, August 8, 2009


Last night Miss X visited her friends as planned. She's known these people for years. The wife's name is "Charlene" and she is a reluctant Domme, timid and occasional. He is a classic small cocked submissive, ready to be molded and put in his place permanently. Both are ravenous for Miss X's input and interested I n her injection of confidence for various reasons.

The objective for the evening was for the sub, we'll simply call him sissy, to serve the ladies dinner and learn some discipline and good old fashioned humiliation.

When Miss X arrived, Charlene was in the living room having a glass of wine and Miss X joined her on the couch. Sissy was making dinner and after half an hour "he" came out of the kitchen in a tee-shirt and pink panties. Miss X was appalled and directed him to remove everything and to crawl to the two ladies. She instructed sissy to always have his head at a lower level then the ladies. When he gave his "Yes Ma'am" too slowly, sissy had a nipple twisted until he cried like the bitch he was soon to become.

Sissy was sent scampering back to the kitchen to finish making dinner and once it served, sissy was made to stand silently while they ate. The conversation was mostly about sissy's ridiculous penis, and Miss X's suggestion that Charlene simply refuses him sex all together and trains Sissy to be the bitch he is. The face that sissy remained silent, Miss X contended, was testimony that even Sissy agreed and that he clearly wasn't a real man.

After dinner, Miss X decides she would show Charlene how to reward a sub for a job well done. She ordered sissy to warm some baby oil in the microwave and prepare a cake pan full of ice and water. Excited the sissy brought both preparations and he was ordered to drop his panties and expose his cock. Miss X applied some warm oil to her hands. Sissy was excited, but he doesn't' understand that Miss X loves to give pleasure to big pulsating cock's attached to men lie firefighters or powerful attorneys. A little dicke'ed loser only get teasing and torture.

Miss X applied her hands to his little cock and it grew as big as it could. As soon as sissy let out a little moan, he was instructed to dunk his cock in the ice cold water until he shriveled up and begged to pull it out….Miss X and Charlene chuckled at his begging and finally relented. He removed his dick, now as small as a white raisin. Then Miss X asked Charlene to join her and they both rubbed the warm oil across his cock until it was hard and glistening…and just as we enjoying the total recovery from the icy chill, time for more ice water. The hot/cold alternation technique lasted five rounds until sissy was whimpering for relief. Miss X asked if he would like the ice removed and sissy panted "yes!". Miss X told him to remove the pan of icy water and dump it down the sink.

Miss X then reached into her purse and secretly put a dab of Ben Gay on her fingers and mixed it with the baby oil and began stroking the stupid little bitch and slowly his expression began to change as the sticky overpowering heat of the ben gay changed from warmth to burning.

"Would you like some relief from the heat, bitch?" Miss X cooed.


"But all your ice water is gone. You were so anxious to get rid of it, and now it's all gone"

The sissy shifted his weight and begged for relief but Miss X knew she had him right she wanted him. " So if Were to allow you to dip your burning cock into some ice water now…what would you do?"

"ANYTHING" he blurted out stupidly.

This was too delicious and Charlene looked on in amazement. Now the negotiations would begin.

"Call yourself a stupid cunt"

"I'm a stupid cunt Miss X"

"Can Charlene have any man she wants "


"And will you stop trying to put that little putrid cock inside of her?"

Sissy stalled, and stalled a little more. Miss X began to paddle Sissy and told him if he didn't answer, she'd put more Ben Gay of his little wiener.

"YES MISS X", he cried like the bitch he was becoming, "I won't try to fuck Charlene".

The rest of the story will publish in the next day….

Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting our groove back!

Its been a slow 'round c'here, as they say in West Texas. Miss X and I took a nice trip but it was not too kinky as we had limited time and sights to see, and both our professional lives have been a bit busy!

But tonight Miss X is going to see a friend of her's to dominate her husband. This is interesting and kind of hard to believe, but pinkie swear its the truth. These were vanilla friends Miss X knew before we met and she discovered over time hat the husband is a major league sub who occasionally wears a chastity device. Unfortunately for him, his wife is a bit timid and often afraid to play. Unlike Miss X, who you, dear readers, know is quite favorable to the idea of subjegating any male she meets.

The plan for tonight is to have this little cocked loser serve Miss X and her friend a lovely dinner while he prances in frillies. I don't know details beyond that but suffice it to say I am a bit jealous and anxious to hear the details.

I doubt he realizes how humiliaiting Miss X can be, but she has warned his wife that she won't be held back, she must be organic, its all she knows. You can't let a lion loose on a piece of meat and insist it use a napkin.