Thursday, May 28, 2009


Miss X is particularly devilsh these days, giddy over meeting a couple of her lovers in the next couple days and relishing my humiliation and torture. Today she Started to taunt me by pull out my short pubic hairs one by one with tweesers and then gliding my little cock between her lips, driving me insane andIv'e had no really touching two weeks.

She very gifted at "the Tease" and can sense when I am about to peak, giggles, and backs away, leaving me moanign pelading and ready to agree to about anything. I beg to stick my cock inside her as she slide her pussy lips against my dinky shaft and laughed uproariously when i asked if i could slide in for just a moment. After keeping me on the edge for a good 40 minutes, she went about her day leaving me quite literally panting and pelading and hoping for her to real man's cock soon...fucking her hard in our bed.... so maybe, just maybe, I will get to cum....

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