Saturday, May 9, 2009

Writhing in a submissive mental state

Miss X liked the email I send her yesterday and ordered me to post it for all to read as further humilation for me.

i woke today feeling mentally molded and chained to my Goddess. My balls are heavy and my deep cravings pounding through my arteries and veins like a mind controlling drug. I am mentally becoming resigned to your whims.

Your steady daily flow of cutting words are brain washing me into truly being your chaste and helpless bitch, owned by you and dependant on living my life adhered to your whims and smirks, feeling your love and disdain in equal quantities.

I woke up dreaming of giving your little pussy a heartfelt kiss, a silent acknowledgment to that which controls me and that i can have never have and don't deserve. I want to be shaved and emasculated for you, hairless and pantied and ridiculed.

I dream of the days when muscled big cocked men are driving deep into you, and you look into my eyes with that satisfied look that only a good fuck can knowing the pain and shame I am enduring, wanting so much to be the one inside you and knowing it just can't be. Seeing you spoiled by the big dick I can't ever give you.

Wanting to share my life with you as your darling pathetic cherished pet that can never give you what a real man should. Living a life where you remind me of my place, loved as not other, while at the bottom of the your totem pole.
Teased to the bring, manipulated, slowly trained to crave pain as much as pleasure. Confusing your love for a slap. Relish your tender touch, your slightest brush your lightest frustrating touch on my cock and your bitch slaps and spankings with equal desire.

Craving your lick on my cock as much as your humiliating comments. Always striving to impress you.

Always trying to prove my worth you. Loving you as a girlfriend and a Mistress with equal amounts of effort and sincerity.

I'm off to work, with my desire roiling, realizing I can't cum for another week, resigned grudgingly to that frustrating fact and understanding it is what is best for me,

love and humility.,



  1. How can I see your pain and complete devotion all in ONE email. *whew*

    Poetry to a Mistress's ears.

  2. Yes, I appreciate your take. My devotion grows each day.

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    I even managed to work the lock. It would just break my heart to be watching the news and see mybabys name.