Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss X prepares for more and GREAT NEWS!

First the great news is that Miss X's business contract is almost over and she'll be back full time after the 4th of July!! I am more excited , though it it obviously means a lot more trials and frustration for me, I'll be honored to endure.

This weekend was a lot of fun, despite me having to work some on both days. Miss X and I went to a fantastic musical event and she attended the Gay Pride parade with a group of her sexy friends.

Twice in the last few days, Miss X has been experimenting and improving her skills at ruined orgasms. Getting me close then either squishing my cock or letting her hand disappear as I reach climax, resulting in more frustration than pleasure....the agony of waiting and hoping for that special rare treat from my Mistress , ony to have it ruined..oph what could have been!

Both of us have also been enjoying a blog similiar to our, Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse. Well written, a lot of fun, we recommend!

Today, before I had to get ready for work, Miss X began to stroke me and taunt me that the expensive fancy new vibrating, pulsating wiggling vibrator I bought Her will be used by a friend of hers, a younger guy who she has known for years who loving the fact he's got an all access privelege to another man's woman.

She taunted me that not only can I not feel the wonderful pleasure of burning feeling her tight pussy wrapped around my cock. (for new readers, I am never allowed to fuck Miss X) I can't even have the fun of giving her pleasure with the very implement I bought. That's reserved for other men as well.

I was then ordered to tidy up the house so it looks nice for her mid-day lover.....

And a final real world note. I enjoy humiliation and still craving various forms of debasement. I'd like a life of semi permanent chastity, and being an ass-fucked cock sucking well flogged bit of amusement for Miss X, but it isn't always easy to find that mental space, but I know I am making progress.

Miss X is also considering opening a NiteFlirt account to take callsdiscussing the lifestyle and train other small cocked losers , sometimes while I am there so others can hear my abuse and humility... stay tuned. This is my NiteFlirt account: HumiliatedHubby.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Two girls = twice the humilation....

Last night I met Miss X's sophisticated New York fashionista I'll call "Kelli". It was awkward having chit chat. And though Kelli a slender reed of a woman, she's tough and no non-sense, having been in law enforcement and living in New York. We chatted while Miss X touched up her make-up . I felt silly because Miss X had told Kelli that she beats me, and fucks whomever she wishes. So keeping lucid conversation was tough, a thin veneer of social ettiqutte on top of my humiliating reality.

I dutifully drove them to their wine event and waited several hours for them. When they returend, both were a bit tipsy and playful. I was to drive them both back to where Kelli was staying, about forty minutes away. On this long drive home, Miss X started telling me how she saw a fellowat the wine event who she had done 13 years earlier and their chemsitry was stil alive. She bragged that he had a huge cock and for the rest of the drive, the conversation between the two girls was unbridled laughter about my tiny cock and how Miss X was going to hook up with this big stud. My face was turning red and my ego shrunk to nearly the size of tiny, but hard , cock. Miss X was busily texting her previous beau with sexy playful future "hook-up" messages.

When Miss X and i got home, she was on a high, with lots of hot big-cocked sex in her future. The wine was begning to kick in and she was sitting on the couch lamenting with earest how she wished my cock was bigger so she could fuck. This was actually one of my most humiliating moments ever, and its was so sincere, with some pelading in her voice. If I ever had a thought that she might be acting, that was vanquished as her honesty was apparent. The truth induced by the wine was transparent.

I was sitting in a large leather club chair, and Miss X got on her knees in front of me, ordered me to take my pants off, and then cackled again and the minisule nub before her. She began to stroke me, fast, then slow, fast , then slow, building me to an ass clenching crazy peak of desire, telling me that I would place an ad for a hot college dude to come over and storke for her the next day.

I writhed in passion , and she began to play with her pussy, the tight juicy pussy I am permanently denied. She was simultaneously stroking me and she enjoying it at a very deep level, the taunts and jabs at me, mocking my tiny tool , pumping it in her fist and visualizng me, her abject bitch placing her ad and getting her a real man..suddenly she came loudly, surprizing even herself. I was thrilled she came, fueled by a mix of her thoughts of seeing a real man's big young cock and the same time she was debasing me further, driving to the depths of subjectation to her. It was obviosu she was LVOING her power of me, while relishing her caranal cravings for big dick.

Then, knowing I was on the precipice of orgasm, she began to stroke me, then suck me, alternating until I announced I couldn't hodld back!!! She immediately released me and my tiny cock, began to spasm and pump thicks gobs of cum, unassocaiated with real pleasure. Tease and DENIAL at its worst. I was rewarded a rare orgasm andI felt virtually no pleasure from it. In fact, it was an excercise in pure frustration,to have my cock hanging in the air, pumping cum with zero stimulation and Miss X cackling with delight. Another ruined orgasm of epic proportions.

She was quick to bed, and I snuggled aginst her curves, craning her more and more, wanting a real orgasm, wanting to be buried deep inside her and knowing that can't happen.

This morning, I made her breakfast, fetched her a latte from Starbucks, and palced an ad for her as directed. Now I am off to work, blurry eyes with lust and subjected further into the roll of bitch-jester for her....I am off to work, and Miss X is left with opportunites...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MISS X introduces another woman...

Today is a bit scary as Miss X has a very fashionable upscale girlfriend who is visiting from NY. I've never met her, but she is a very close friend so I ma anxious to make a good impression.

I imagined that when I finally this woman , we'll call her Kelli, I thought it would on typically vanilla terms. I was embarrassed and humiliated to find out that Miss X has told her of my submissive nature.

She called me yesterday while with her friend and told me quite plainly that I would be her chauffeur tonight as they went to an upscale wine tasting and would patiently wait for them while they sipped wine and flirted with other men.

This will be an interesting night....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She's Baaaaaack! And Humilaition returns....

Miss X arrived yesterday about 8pm and I was waiting for her as she requested. Nose on the floor, ass in the air, naked, exposed humiliated. Ths house was immaculate and stocked with treats and little gifts for Her.

I was waiting on my hands and knees in this position for about 15 minutes when I heard her enter. She seemed delighted to find me with my ass in the air, emasculated and there for her amusement. She chuckled and walked about, and finally handed me a present for me to wear. A rather large pig nose that you wear with an elastic string.

She taunted me, chuckled at my ridiculous position and gave me some rather hard spanks. I was stuck in my new chastity device, gladly suffering for her delight. She began to tickle my "under carriage" with a big flouncy feather and then snapped a hair clip to my tender balls.

More slaps and spanks and then a rude digital entrance into my tight asshole, that soon became a careful probing with a progressively larger bumpy hand held rubber butt stick. I need more ass training, as Mistress has made it clear I am take larger and larger dildos since I am , quite clearly, a bitch and not a man. My cock was dripping and after she was done taunting me, allowed me to rise and rejoice in her return. She looked devastatingly beautiful, dressed in all black, curve and delectiable.

We relaxed and I prepared her a small supper and wine. When she finished, she made a few calls, caught up with some friends, and then casually made a call to one of her lovers to arrange time to get a satisfying fuck and to play with the expensive, sexy multi-function dildo I bought her. More humilaition for me, but clearly an honor to provide Her with an instrument of pleasure.

Her scheduling a fuck date was driving me insane. Now unlocked and my little dick swininging in the air, she decided to pounce on me, coming across the room and in an unexpecteded frenzy, she began jacking my cock quickly with an intense fist pumping rage, then backing off just before I could cum. Then, she engulfed my entire cock for just moment in her warm soft mouth , pumping up and down, and then alternated this practice of pleasure, tease and denial. And itwas so fast and fursiou it wasnt' somethign you could quite absord or enjyo fully, more like a design to qucikly make me cum without savor. Finally she brought me right to the brink and I announced I could not hold back. She immediately backed away, and pinned my arms down and it was too late. My cock spasmed and a huge volcano of cum gushed forth, but the pleasure was minimal as she refused to touch me and denied my access to my exploding tiny pecker. It was a classic "ruined orgasm". The frustration far out-pacing any minimal pelasure I dervied. A precious rare orgasm shunted before it truly began. She laughed in wicked hsyteria, thrilled at my red face, and my retreating pathetic little dick. The orgasm that never really happened, but clearly more than I deserved. Obviously I am quite grateful.

It was so wonderful to wake up to her today, feeling her firm curvacious womanly delights. She allowed my fondeling knowing it only serves to frustrate me more and reminding me as she often does that I will never the ability to satisfy her and never feel her tight little cunt.

This will be a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CB-6000s and Miss X should arrive today!

The glorious and hallowed Miss X should arrive late today. I am nervous, excited and enraptured, of course.

Obviously the prospect of being caged, teased and tormented by the wily and ever-clever Miss X is arousing and deeply scary. But I would do anything for Her and am proud to my fate her soft, supple but very strong hands.

Updates to follow...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Chastity Device on its way...

I am off on a short business trip so I don't have a lot of time to blog, but today I ordered a new type of chastity device that should be more secure and functionale that the last. Its called the CB-6000s, the "s" standing for small, as the cage is smaller, designed for tiny cocks like mine.

Unlike my previous CB-2000, this has a hinged opening and different style of security pins that promises not to pinch.

Being locked in chastity in a scary thing. It changes the brain chemistry and clicks on a more submissive nature. It takes a lot of discipline and trust. Obviously I am quite nervous, and would appreciate any comments, suggestions or thoughts. Since Miss X loves tease , denial humiliation and cukcolding, this new device is the perfect addition to her arsenal. Will write more soon...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a few more days!

The ever cruel and clever Miss X has decided that part of her continuing instance of total denial for me, she also wants me to suffer while I watch and other submissive eagerly lick her sweet pussy.

Its not enough that she proudly declares on a regular basis that I'll never have have intercourse again, especially with her, but its becoming apparent that she enjoys my utter suffering in miserable unrelenting denial, chastity and deep mind altering humiliation.

I just want to see her maginicent form again, and can't wait for her to get back home!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return of Miss X

So after suffering in a bland vanilla morass, the gorgeous tempestuous Miss X is returning on Monday! I can hardly wait!!!!

For a peek into my world, here was her email to me (slightly edited for privacy):

"Hello useless groveling sub...

I will be your girlfriend when I arrive (after a suitable greeting offered by you as a sub), but after I have visited with my friend, on Sat. you will be my obedient pet; you will prepare a lunch for us (with cheese, fruit and salami), and a little libation as well. After the concert we will be attending , you may be rejuvenated and joyful, but you have not had any punishment and a long, hard spanking will be necessary. This is at my whim and discretion.

While I am home you will serve me and serve me with pleasure. Seeing as you did not send any Dilettantes, I fully expect to see some waiting for me, as well as a suitable tribute (your ass? a new dildo? femdom books? a gift card to have my hair done? a strapping young stud awaiting your call to come and service me while you watch???....)I also fully expect, that as I call you just before my arrival, you are to be prone-ass high in the air, nose touching the ground-with your door unlocked.

Looking forward to the future-

Miss X

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Its been a busy time for us both, hence the long time since our last update. Miss X is traveling on business again as am I. Fortunately, we'll be back together again next week.

I miss Miss X and her dazzling personality, devilish daring mind and saucy imagination.