Thursday, April 30, 2009

Misc. Musings

Today I continued my new attitude of revealing all my darkest fantasies and Miss X has enjoyed them all which gives me a warm, loved feeling I can't really describe except to say that being so transparent AND being accepted makes me feel privileged.

There are many subs who withhold themselves for fear of ultimately being rejected for being "too" weird. Sadly, that can be a real danger as some women can become quite judgmental. Miss X is a delight in that being transparent with her is just more fullfilling, more wonderful. Lucky guy? Yeah, I am!

As we are currently apart due to business reasons, we had a great text exchange and conversation. She reiterated today how I simply can't satisfy her in the sexual needs department, taunting me about her desires to entertain herself with more worthy, bigger, younger well hung men. She laughed at my "catch 22" situation that the more big cock she has, the more rediculous it would be for me to fuck her. Why settle for hamburger when Filet Mignon is always on your plate?

I don't think I've ever met a woman who so genuinely loves to watch and play with a man's cock. In fact, she gets a big kick out of seeing a man cum (except me of course) Since she'll be back in town this weekend, I am tasked with writing a personals ad for her so that she can have a man or two come jack off for her. Obviously this is my duty as her slave, procurement of bigger guys to satiate her cock-lust.

Stay tuned.

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