Friday, July 3, 2009

Tic Toc, Tic Toc...

The minutes seem like hours as await my Gorgeous Goddess' return! I am now stuck in chastity, awaiting to present her the keys. I've been locked up almost two days now and the blood is beginning to roil, only to amplified 50 fold by her presence. I am carving her touch, her torment, and her gleeful smirk as I suffer for her amusement. I have never loved a woman like I do her

As part of my assignment while she was gone, I was ordered to find her a sub to provide oral servitude to her. I of course, will once again be denied and forced to watch. The trick, of course, is to wade through all the flakes and find the lucky sub who gets the treat I am refused.

I am excited by Her return, as there ar no major trips for Her planned. All that stands between us is our mutally busy schedules.


  1. Hot post, how's the search for the lucky oral sub going? Where'd you find the picture?

  2. We had a couple good replies for a local sub, this may happen this weekend!