Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last night was supposed to be pretty domestic and pedestrian, with the two of uswatching Miss X's favorite TV shows.

Alas, she had other ideas.

My little four incher securely locked away, she announced that she didn't want to be distracted by me whiel she enjoyed her programing. She escorted me to the bedroom, had me lay on the bed and made sure I was comfortable, and tied my hands. She then put headphones on me and took out the portable DVD player and let me know that while she enjoyed her programs, I would get to watch real cocks fuck tight little pussies, and I was to consider the whole time that I was never to have sex with her or anyone else.

She told me to pay particular attention to the climax scenes and how the girls swallowed and savored every drop, because as a locked up dickless wonder, that was my future too. For an hour and a half, my little cock pushed against that barbaric cage of frustration. My hard cock throbbing agasint the cage, the sounds of sex, moaning and growing, orgasmic squeals from women I could never have. A sound my puny cock could never illicit. All that pleasure is reserved for the virile big cock'ed men, relegating me to the only mission I have, and that is pleasing Miss X.

The DVD ended before her TV shows and I fell into a shallow sleep, my cock weeping droplets of pre-cum frustration, driving me into a dreamlike madness of libedo and desire. Cruelly, she came into the room nearly nude, chucckled softly, stoked my body lightly and kissed me good night, and whispered in my ear "this is your life, you pathetic cocksucking concubine, revel in it..."


  1. Pretty good that she was using hynosis on you. Nice.

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  2. Very sexy! I'd love to rent a room and fuck Miss X for two days straight while cucky bitch licked up every juice and served us refreshments.

    Before we checked out, we'd each take turns spanking him to make sure he remembers his place.

    More pix of Miss X, she's hot!!

  3. Wonderful, a cuck who is kept in his place by a lovely woman is a lucky cuck indeed. Torment, humiliation, punishment and control are good for a cuck and give him a feeling of worth and safety. The lovely lady should enjoy her pleasure in any way she desires and even more so when the cuck is left wanting.
    I suggest that on the rare occasion he is allowed to cum it is only into a shot glass that he will drink and lick clean. Of course he must first agree to a certain number of smacks with the paddle. Once he knows the number if he fails to hold still or moves before it is over the count is reset to one and begun anew. Then maybe, with a few for good measure he could cum but only if he does so within a few minutes so as not to be annoying or showing of his cock.
    Oh what a delious torment he has found himself demanding.