Thursday, July 16, 2009

NEW POLL! and my frustration grows....

Well, nearly 50% of you voted that I should only cum on major holidays and my birthday, if I please Miss X. As it is, the only orgasms I am getting are ruined.

Our new poll is up and we're curious what you think is most humiliating. PLEASE VOTE!

Miss X is planning another outing with her new kinky friend Kiah. In the meantime, its been three weeks since I last came and my frustration is growing. Miss X loves to tease me. Just sleeping next to her warm, forbidden body makes it hard to sleep.

Recently Miss X wanted a cup of coffee and she had me drive through a local espresso stand called "Cowgirls Espresso" , where the sexy baristas prance in panties and pasties. Miss X's little way of keeping me stmualted. If the sexy 20 something only knew i was also wearing panties.

We are also palnning a weekend getaway to Portland, which pormises to be a fuck and humialtion fest.....should make for some blogging.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. well this blog certainly has my interest thats for sure.....

  3. I'm sitting here, also locked up in a CB-3000 with the smallest ring, straining to escape my confines due to your captivating entries that have me wishing I could be in your place.

  4. I'd not thought of using Cowgirls Espresso as a form of torture, but as there is one on the way to my studio, that situation will have to change!

  5. After being teased and denied so much Ms Milliscent, a whiff of perfume is torture :)

  6. Well what really counts is that she is teasing and denying and how she does it...well lets just say that is a cool way of doing it....I find it amazing how many of the ladies really enjoy denial.....Im so happy they do too