Thursday, July 2, 2009

In my new CB-6000s, thoughts, fears and fun...

Yesterday I finally found a configuration that seems to work on the CB-6000s, the "s" standing for small cage, since my cock is so minuscule.

When I am completely soft I could pull out, but then there is no way to get back in, so for the most part, its pretty secure. Ultimately, I'll need a PA Piercing in order to be held 100 % in chastity.

This model is much more comfortable the the CB-2000 which i have tired to wear in the past and it just didn't work without damaging my cock.

Its amazing how having your cock locked up makes you feel almost instantly. Helpless, servile, silly, with an almost untenable urge to touch yourself. It is erotic and esoteric, frightening to give up the power. I am doing practice runs now until Miss X gets back.

I fantasize about a new world for me, in which I become a sexual clown for Miss X, an emotional punching bag for her sexual fun. Once I am locked up, I immediately feel less significant as a man. Not quite a woman, but a bitch nevertheless. This is scary, because I like my life as it is to a degree, but also know I need to be pushed to be the sub male I truly am.

Colorful scenarios swirl through my brain in whcih I am transformed into Miss X's foil for humiliation. More thoughts and updates to follow soon...


  1. Congrats on the new CB6000. I have enjoyed mine off and on for about 4 months now. I completely understand about the "instant" feelings that come over one when the device is put on and the lock goes "click".The mental feeling that comes from wearing a chasity device is so delicious, interesting huh? I am sure Miss X will be happy to carry the key around on her key ring, mine does.

    On occasion I have found the cb6000 to pinch, keep your self trimmed short or shaved, lube up your little willie and find the right shim to fit you securely!

    Now go wash Miss X's privates and fold them how she likes them to be folded-



  2. Thanks for the empathy and words of encouragement!! And the pinchy tips too!!!

  3. Thank you Mistress L, it is now almost 48 hours and my head is spinning with lust and frustration