Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Poll: You cruel readers!! :)

We appreciate all the participation in our poll, as of this writing, 49 of you have voted.

Nearly HALF think I should only get to cum on my birthday and major holidays! I know Miss X is taking this under advisement. Obviously, half of you are pretty damn hardcore!

On a side note, don't you just love this photo? It's simple, but one of my favorites of Miss X. I snapped it as I was driving her to a date....


  1. Frankly I think you should be able to cum every day! Why should you not be able to play when or after she does....even if you can't penetrate, can't you just orgasm?? ;)
    LOVE the picture! I so need to drive my HW over to her BF sometime.
    Thanks for sharing your blog! Love it!

  2. First thanks for the compliments and second, thanks for being on my side, although the name of the blog is teasedeny! Chances of me cumming everyday are really...not...very...good :)

  3. It is very sexy indeed....Iwould love to be in a truck next to your car at a stop light