Sunday, July 12, 2009

MIss X hits town w/ girlfriend...finds new lucky lover...

Miss X has a wicked new girlfriend, Kiah*, an edgy, tall gal pal she's known for some years, but recently they've been going out for a drink here and there and revelations have been coming. Turns out Kiah is wild and a bit of boy chaser.

One of the things I love about Miss X is that she is comfortable in any environment. Posh five star hotels or the workin' man's bar at the end of the pier. Kiah prefer local stomps and she invited Miss X to the "Hennigan's Road"*, an established local pool table and two handle keg house.

Throughout they night they laughed, and joked, sharing past ribald experiences and little by little Miss X is realizing that Kiah would make an excellent "partner in crime", for they both have similar likes. Big dick'ed men and a little hurt when it comes to certain men. They are both not shy to the thought of delivering a bitch slap to a well deserved male.

As the weekend evening out turned more flirty, Miss X began sending me photos via her IPhone. Two girls laughing, while I saayed home and dutifully did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and moaned and my ability to touch my puny cock that is locked tightly in my CB-6000s.

As the evening grew later, the photos became a bit more quizzical. A blurred photo of them leaving the bar, what looked to be a third party? Hard to tell in the fuzzy Fellini-esque photos of dark shadows, green felt and neon. As Miss X told me she might crash at Kiah's house, I wasn't too concerned that I didn't hear from her.

The next day, Miss X told me what a great time she had with Kiah, and that she expected the wild play to escalate, she had a new kinky playmate. ( Miss X is straight and not bi, but game to go on the make and hunt in a pack) I Was busy at work and Miss X missed each other due to our busy schedules. But when I cam home the next night, there was a card waiting for me. The first line of the card told me to make sure to be wearing panties while I read the note.

I went and grabbed my black silkies, Miss X likes to keep me in a state of semi-feminized disgrace to remind me of my position when I am reading about her superior lovers. I knew this note would be meaningful. It was an over-sized card and the first panel was quite a lovely melange of remembrances. This is an anniversary for us, four years of togetherness, and she discussed some of the loveliness of making a relationship work. The second and third panel described what happened that night at Hennigan's Road.

Miss X met Kiah and her boy Toy Phil. Turns out Phil has a brother, David, and the four of them spent the night flirting and drinking until Miss X decided to go home with David . Miss X graphically described how great it felt to deep throat his large veined little member twitched helpless in its prison. She told me how she rode his thick rod to multiple orgasms until she crashed into a satisfied ball on the bed. She reminded me how she deserved this pleasaure and that it was my duty to encourage her.

I sat twisting in my pathetic pool of precum, oozing through my tight black panties, knowing that the next time we meet, I may be the bitch getting fucked by her big black rod.

Since the card, Miss X told me she fully expects to take Kiah to a swingers club where she gang bangs herself to sexual satisfaction. As I write this post, my body is craving release and my submissive nature is at full throttle...

*names of persons or local bars are changed for privacy purposes.


  1. I am glad that you are so committed to your submissiveness and congrats on the anniversary! Wishing you many more!

  2. Thanks Mistress L, from both of us!

  3. Very hot cock...I am stroking my superior thick cock just thinking of bending Miss X over and pleasing her the way you can't!

  4. Your blog is an education, I'm glad I came to visit.

    Kinky Blessings