Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm so happy She's here! The Kink Cannon has been fired!

After working a half day, I invited Miss X to lunch, and off we escaped to one of our solid , favorite bistro's for a mid day rendezvous. Miss X was in all her curvy splendor, looking radiant and lovely. Btu before we left, I slapped hard in the face for speaking before being permitted.

At lunch we discussed the coming week's agenda, and she reviews the potential subs she's ordered me to procure to lick her hot little snatch while I am forced to watch.

After lunch, i offered to take her on a little shopping spree. Her beautiful eyes lit like halogen and the afternoon became a fun clothes shopping adventure at a few fashionable boutiques, a bottle of her favorite fun and fresh cologne called "LOVE" by Moschino and was finally completed with a trip to the chocolate shop.

She had to venture out and do some errands today, but I was instructed to care for her laundry, prepare a list of 5 reasons i am a cunt, blog some more (As this attests) and just before she left, she had me assume her favorite position for me, on all fours, head down, legs spread, ass in the hair,and my tiny locked up cock dangling in the air...available for nudging, and caressing them with her, feet, making my laughably short cock hard in its holster, my blood pumping, my desire building, my frustrating welling, my pathetic fall from manhood to bitchdom completed.

More to come soon.


  1. I'd like to know the five reasons yu are a cunt as written ot Miss X. Also, more pics of Miss X please!

    VERY HOT BLOG! Please keep it up, I check it every day. The more of a bith you are you, the happier you wiil be. Too bad I dont' live near you, you'd be chocking on my big cock and swallowng my real man's cum every fucking day, and i'd film it for Miss X to watch.

    I do have to give you props for realizing your place at her feet and serving superior men. Good job, bitch.

  2. I second all of this. I have also started reading this blog every day, love the regular updating and amazing humiliation content! Would also love to see more of Miss X, and maybe even hear from her (asking too much maybe, but here's hoping!!)

  3. Miss X has promised to add her comment shere soon. She's been quite busy after returning from some extended business stays. Thanks for reading, this give us both encouragement to keep adding content, documenting our unusual, but not unique, lifestyle.

    As for more photos, they will be coming soon so stay tuned.