Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return of Miss X

So after suffering in a bland vanilla morass, the gorgeous tempestuous Miss X is returning on Monday! I can hardly wait!!!!

For a peek into my world, here was her email to me (slightly edited for privacy):

"Hello useless groveling sub...

I will be your girlfriend when I arrive (after a suitable greeting offered by you as a sub), but after I have visited with my friend, on Sat. you will be my obedient pet; you will prepare a lunch for us (with cheese, fruit and salami), and a little libation as well. After the concert we will be attending , you may be rejuvenated and joyful, but you have not had any punishment and a long, hard spanking will be necessary. This is at my whim and discretion.

While I am home you will serve me and serve me with pleasure. Seeing as you did not send any Dilettantes, I fully expect to see some waiting for me, as well as a suitable tribute (your ass? a new dildo? femdom books? a gift card to have my hair done? a strapping young stud awaiting your call to come and service me while you watch???....)I also fully expect, that as I call you just before my arrival, you are to be prone-ass high in the air, nose touching the ground-with your door unlocked.

Looking forward to the future-

Miss X

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