Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She's Baaaaaack! And Humilaition returns....

Miss X arrived yesterday about 8pm and I was waiting for her as she requested. Nose on the floor, ass in the air, naked, exposed humiliated. Ths house was immaculate and stocked with treats and little gifts for Her.

I was waiting on my hands and knees in this position for about 15 minutes when I heard her enter. She seemed delighted to find me with my ass in the air, emasculated and there for her amusement. She chuckled and walked about, and finally handed me a present for me to wear. A rather large pig nose that you wear with an elastic string.

She taunted me, chuckled at my ridiculous position and gave me some rather hard spanks. I was stuck in my new chastity device, gladly suffering for her delight. She began to tickle my "under carriage" with a big flouncy feather and then snapped a hair clip to my tender balls.

More slaps and spanks and then a rude digital entrance into my tight asshole, that soon became a careful probing with a progressively larger bumpy hand held rubber butt stick. I need more ass training, as Mistress has made it clear I am take larger and larger dildos since I am , quite clearly, a bitch and not a man. My cock was dripping and after she was done taunting me, allowed me to rise and rejoice in her return. She looked devastatingly beautiful, dressed in all black, curve and delectiable.

We relaxed and I prepared her a small supper and wine. When she finished, she made a few calls, caught up with some friends, and then casually made a call to one of her lovers to arrange time to get a satisfying fuck and to play with the expensive, sexy multi-function dildo I bought her. More humilaition for me, but clearly an honor to provide Her with an instrument of pleasure.

Her scheduling a fuck date was driving me insane. Now unlocked and my little dick swininging in the air, she decided to pounce on me, coming across the room and in an unexpecteded frenzy, she began jacking my cock quickly with an intense fist pumping rage, then backing off just before I could cum. Then, she engulfed my entire cock for just moment in her warm soft mouth , pumping up and down, and then alternated this practice of pleasure, tease and denial. And itwas so fast and fursiou it wasnt' somethign you could quite absord or enjyo fully, more like a design to qucikly make me cum without savor. Finally she brought me right to the brink and I announced I could not hold back. She immediately backed away, and pinned my arms down and it was too late. My cock spasmed and a huge volcano of cum gushed forth, but the pleasure was minimal as she refused to touch me and denied my access to my exploding tiny pecker. It was a classic "ruined orgasm". The frustration far out-pacing any minimal pelasure I dervied. A precious rare orgasm shunted before it truly began. She laughed in wicked hsyteria, thrilled at my red face, and my retreating pathetic little dick. The orgasm that never really happened, but clearly more than I deserved. Obviously I am quite grateful.

It was so wonderful to wake up to her today, feeling her firm curvacious womanly delights. She allowed my fondeling knowing it only serves to frustrate me more and reminding me as she often does that I will never the ability to satisfy her and never feel her tight little cunt.

This will be a wonderful week!

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