Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cummer's Remorse

Miss X is out of own and this morning I felt the overwelming undisiciplined urge to jack off. Tesed and denied subs will totally relate to what I call "Cummer's Remorse". The truth is I am submissive in my sexual thoughts 90% of the time, and this is amplified when I am teased and denied. However, immediately after I cum I feel a chemical let-down. A sense of remorse and rediculousness at my behavior prior. The orgasms feel great and even neccesary sometimes, but the feeling directly after climax and lingering for a short while is that of disdain for my submissiveness and a desire to foresake it and be the Type A macho guy.

That happened today, and it disappated within twenty mintures. Most men won't talk of this, but its important for Dommes to know. It is chemical, it is short lived and it is real.

There's no sense in getting angry at your bitch, leave him alone, then tease him back up and he'll be ready to be your bitch once more!

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