Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miss X orders me to foretell my humilaiting future.

The sublime Miss X had me write Her an ad tonight soliciting a man or men to come to our abode where she will entertain them with a delightful handjob to completion, something I rarely if ever get. (Miss X can't really be bothered with my small cock when there's such a nice variety of superior cock carried by real men in the world) I will be made to watch her stroke and pleasure the larger dick'ed gents with lusty greed in her eyes and a salivating mouth and when they cum, they'll cum on me in any fashion she chooses...steamy details to follow.

Its not always easy to admit or enact, but the truth is I love to show my devotion to Miss X by enduring humiliating situations. In the vanilla world, I am a pretty tough hombre' in business. So the transition to cum pig/humiliated bitch is not easy, but darkly deilicious and satisfying for us both.

As we are engaged to marry, we are contemplating future arrangements. She loves the whole concept of CFNM (clothed female, nude males) I envision a future of being made to be nude while in the house serivng her, parading my laughable little almost girlie cock around the house serving her as she pleasea.

I'm a big tall dude, so even more rediuclously, I have a fantasies of being made to wear panties as a unifrom and maybe even occassionally stockings. I have no interest in cross dressing (in fact that is pretty repulsive to me) But enuring humiliation for Her is very erotic and keeps me in my place.

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