Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The First day of the rest of my life...

This blog will be the discussion of living the Male Submissive Lifestyle from a sub male's point of view. My observation is that there are many fantastical blogs, posts and fantasy sites and that's all fun, but its usually not real. If I have a fantasy, it will be clearly marked as such.

But this blog will serve to document the practical lifestyle of submitting to a naturally dominate female. The foibles and the follies along with the soaring taboo delights. In short, its real.You can be assured that every emotion, every trial and tribulation, every subtle or grandiose experience documented really happened, unless otherwise noted as fantasy.

I am honored to serve my fiancee' Miss X. We've been together over three years and met via a Craigslist ad I had placed requesting that I be kicked in the balls!

At our first meeting, I was enthralled with this magnificent woman. And then we dated. Its been a mostly wonderful highs and some difficult lows, the lows mostly created by me being unable to fully express myself and my need for humiliation, training and my unusual sexual proclivities, most of which Miss X embraces and some of which she may not love, but understands.

The dynamics of a FemDom or D/s relationship can change dramatically once everyday love invades the mental play space. My writings are a living breathing tribute to her, to honesty and expression of one's needs, desires and ultimate fulfillment. To the magnificence of true love and devotion.

It is my intent that the erotic subject matter will entice you to come back and read, to be sure. But at a deeper level, I hope it help others, myself and my relationship with Miss X. I know there are other subs and Dommes struggling just as we have to make this lifestyle workable in the real world. To allow you to have the freedom to be you and enjoy each other. I know that my documentation of our experience together will be uplifting, sometimes cathartic, often entertaining and a testimony to the brilliance of knowing who you are , and the heady elixir of letting go and revealing yourself fully to the person you love without fear of stigmatism.

Recurring themes in our life include: Service , spanking (Miss X enjoys coroporal punishment in many forms) Cuckoldry (one of my favorites) and humiliation , something we both really enjoy and teasing, denial and chastity. In the vanilla world, we both enjoy travel, food, architecture,cinema, music and city life.

Lastly, new Dommes hoping to find a tack in the fickle winds of this lifestyle may find benefit from these missives, so follow along and enjoy. If you want to peek in the mind of a lifelong sub, here's your chance!

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