Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting our groove back!

Its been a slow 'round c'here, as they say in West Texas. Miss X and I took a nice trip but it was not too kinky as we had limited time and sights to see, and both our professional lives have been a bit busy!

But tonight Miss X is going to see a friend of her's to dominate her husband. This is interesting and kind of hard to believe, but pinkie swear its the truth. These were vanilla friends Miss X knew before we met and she discovered over time hat the husband is a major league sub who occasionally wears a chastity device. Unfortunately for him, his wife is a bit timid and often afraid to play. Unlike Miss X, who you, dear readers, know is quite favorable to the idea of subjegating any male she meets.

The plan for tonight is to have this little cocked loser serve Miss X and her friend a lovely dinner while he prances in frillies. I don't know details beyond that but suffice it to say I am a bit jealous and anxious to hear the details.

I doubt he realizes how humiliaiting Miss X can be, but she has warned his wife that she won't be held back, she must be organic, its all she knows. You can't let a lion loose on a piece of meat and insist it use a napkin.


  1. I love the story

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